Epiphyte3 acquires lab instrument business

Toronto, Canada, April 7, 2015 - Harbinger Biotechnology & Engineering Corp. and Epiphyte Three Inc. announce the acquisition of Harbinger Biotech's lab instrument business by Epiphyte3.

The acquisition includes Harbinger's Stargazer differential static light scattering technology - a novel label-free method to measure protein aggregation and stability, and the LEX high-throughput parallel bioreactor product line. The agreement also includes unspecified intellectual property which Epiphyte3 plans to incorporate into future products.

Stargazer and LEX are in use by biomedical researchers worldwide, in industry and academia. Epiphyte3 will continue to offer both product lines and leverage the newly acquired intellectual property to develop additional products in the laboratory equipment market.

Existing Harbinger Biotech customers

All Harbinger Biotech LEX and Stargazer users should direct their technical support inquiries to Epiphyte3 Support. All existing Harbinger Biotech warranties and support contracts will be honored by Epiphyte3.

Customers who purchased a product through a Harbinger Biotech distributor (including users who receive technical support through a distributor) can contact their distributor or Epiphyte3 for technical support inquiries.

Harbinger Biotech customers with pending orders & deliveries

Purchase Orders submitted to Harbinger Biotech and yet to be delivered will be fulfilled by Harbinger Biotech. Installation and training contracts will also be fulfilled by Harbinger Biotech.

Technical support post-delivery will be provided by Epiphyte3.

Harbinger Biotech customers and future purchase orders

Customers with quotations issued by Harbinger Biotech can place their orders with either Harbinger Biotech or Epiphyte3 until August 1, 2015. Epiphyte3 will honor all Harbinger Biotech quotations. Purchase Orders issued after August 1, 2015 should be directed solely to Epiphyte3.

New sales inquiries

All new sales inquiries should be directed to Epiphyte3 or a local distributor effective immediately.

Inquiries regarding the Harbinger Biotech acquisition

Inquiries regarding the acquisition of Harbinger Biotech's lab instrument business by Epiphyte3 should be directed to:
Ken Yamazaki
Epiphyte Three Inc.
Tel: (+1) 647-479-9736